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  • Smart packing hacks for stress-free trips 🛫

    Never overpack your suitcase again. Don't roll your clothes or go out and buy crazy travel attire. Here's a practical packing guide for your trip. ...
  • Meet Lydia ✨

    She's joining our team for the summer and today's her first day! Here are a few Lydia fun facts:
  • 5 Tips to Start a Capsule Wardrobe

    No More Closet Stress Trendsetters,   Do you stare at your clothes and think you have nothing to wear? On the flipside, are you overwhelmed with ...
  • What Mom REALLY wants for Mother's Day

    According to a survey from Parent's magazine, here's a list of things moms REALLY want for Mother's Day...

    (Feel free to forward this to humans that should know. 😉)

    1.) SLEEP. 30% of moms just want to sleep. Sleep in, nap, go to bed early, but we just want SLEEP.

    2.) Tied with sleep: ALONE TIME...

  • Introducing... Stevie Jane Designs, a Modish exclusive.

    Trendsetters,  I've been obsessed with 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcases and scrunchies for years.  I have gifted them to my co-workers for holidays,...
  • Closet Organization

    This is the time of year when as a retail worker, I especially need my energy to make life run smoothly and give my best to you and my team, thus organization.  In the past, I have organized my closet by category (skirts, trousers, dresses, tanks, and then in ROYGBIV order.  ( I was ROYGBIV-ing it long before The Home Edit was cool.  While on The Home Edit topic, did anyone else have serious closet awe seeing the episode with Rachel Zoe's closet?! *Dream*) While satisfying and easy to maintain, it wasn't exactly inspiring me in the mornings.  And this is where you're going to learn a little more about me and my thought process...
  • Ridiculous Day Preparations

    That said, with Ridiculous Day slated for Saturday and COVID cases rising in Winneshiek county, we are making some immediate changes to our sale.  While we LOVE the thought of outdoor shopping, we want to remain responsible and it seems easier to control social distancing with the measures we have in place.  Additionally, we will be moving a large part of our promotion online. (Better for EVERYONE, anyway!)
  • Made in the USA

      Memorial Day is around the corner and more than ever, we are thankful for our fellow Americans.  For those that have sacrificed time and talen...
  • Sisters Night Out

    We have partnered with one of our favorite brands, Sisters, to bring AMAZING deals to you for a limited time. Think: tops and sweaters regularly valued $80-$120 for ONLY $25! Dresses and jackets for ONLY $35! 🙌🏼
  • Thanks, Easter Bunny!

    Along with this email, I've been procrastinating on my Easter basket stuffers this year.  So, if you're like me and need a couple of quick ideas, scroll on. Or, if you're not like me and you're prepared, maybe you'll think "Oh, that's so cute, I need it!"
  • Come one, come all! The Carnival is coming to Modish!

    "Ladies and Gentlemen.  Boys and Girls!  Mark your calendars. This weekend is Women's Weekend Out.  Please bring your attention to the interior of 217 W Water Street downtown Decorah, Iowa on Friday night.  The Carnival is coming to Modish." 
  • Put your right foot in! Midwest Humor (and SHOES!)

    Put your right foot in!  Can you even say you're from the Midwest if you've never danced the Hokey Pokey at a wedding dance?