• Ridiculous Day Preparations

    That said, with Ridiculous Day slated for Saturday and COVID cases rising in Winneshiek county, we are making some immediate changes to our sale.  While we LOVE the thought of outdoor shopping, we want to remain responsible and it seems easier to control social distancing with the measures we have in place.  Additionally, we will be moving a large part of our promotion online. (Better for EVERYONE, anyway!) View Post
  • Made in the USA

      Memorial Day is around the corner and more than ever, we are thankful for our fellow Americans.  For those that have sacrificed time and talents to our military, those on the frontlines of our medical pandemic, those that have risen and pivoted to help keep us safe by manufacturing PPE and s... View Post
  • Sisters Night Out

    We have partnered with one of our favorite brands, Sisters, to bring AMAZING deals to you for a limited time. Think: tops and sweaters regularly valued $80-$120 for ONLY $25! Dresses and jackets for ONLY $35! 🙌🏼 View Post