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Put your right foot in! Midwest Humor (and SHOES!)

Put your right foot in!

Can you even say you're from the Midwest if you haven't danced the Hokey Pokey at a wedding?

My husband, two of my three sons and I were sitting in the living room (on our phones) one snowy night and I stumbled across a page with "Tweets that will only make sense to Midwesterners."  While I read them aloud, we all had a good laugh. And I must admit, I didn't actually realize until I read these that I use the word 'ope.' ALL THE TIME. Ope!

If you need a good chuckle, I'll link the list below.  

Circling back to the Hokey Pokey, we're putting our right foot all in for spring.  To be honest, Chloe and I ordered our entire footwear budget for spring last August when we were at market.  And then, Katie, Annette and I ordered even more in February.  Ope.  At any rate, we've been unpacking shoes like we're a straight up shoe store. The good news is this: you'll never have to leave Modish and get home fretting about what shoes to wear with your new outfit! 

Enjoy the preview to spring/summer!


Read the Tweets Here

Lucky Garston

This flat espadrille sandal features moderate support.  Ankle band buckles for secure comfort.  This shoe pairs effortlessly with jeans, shorts and dresses.

Available in genuine black suede or umber brown leather.

Shop Garston here >>


This sandal boasts a flat, supportive cork bed, adjustable toe loop and secure adjustable ankle strap.  This shoe is great with jeans and shorts alike!

Grey vegan leather.

Shop Leo-21 here >>


Joal Bootie

This stacked heel suede bootie is a staff favorite.  I personally can't wait to bare my toes with this in jeans and dresses. <3

Shop Joal here >>

Yejida Wedge

This wedge boasts the most comfortable footbed Lucky makes on top of striped espadrille.  Elastic front closure secures the entire shoe.

Shop Yejida here >>

Lashes Sandal

This rose gold, flat sandal looks great on all skin tones and at only $25, it probably won't be in stock long.

Shop Lashes here >>

RQ Sandal

We love a good neutral! This woven sandal is nude with a little gold sparkle and can be worn with dresses or casually.

Shop RQ here >>

Katie and I put our right feet in, but we couldn't decide which shoes to wear.  So here's a picture of the shoes we couldn't decide on.  Trust me, this was easier than attempting to model a different shoe on each of our feet.  

Shop the Red Mindra at the top of the page here >>

Starting clockwise at the top, shop this quad below.

Shop Gahiro here >>

Shop Baaka here >>

Shop Mahzan here >>

Shop Verazino here >>
I'll catch you soon, in store or excusing myself quietly while mixing up my left and right on a dance floor near you. 

p.s.  If you've read this far and have more Midwestern humor, hit reply and send me your best!  I'll anonymously share any responses on our social media stories!   (Unless you want to be credited!  Send me your social media handle and I'd be happy to give props, too!)