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Ridiculous Day Preparations


It's been a minute since I've checked in with you!  Since we opened our doors to the public in May, we have been working very hard to create and maintain a safe shopping environment for you and our stylists. I sincerely want to thank you for being so respectful while we have limited the number of customers we allow in our store to allow for maximum social distancing, ask that you sanitize upon entry and wear masks to protect us while we care for vulnerable people.

That said, with Ridiculous Day slated for Saturday and COVID cases rising in Winneshiek county, we are making some immediate changes to our sale.  While we LOVE the thought of outdoor shopping, we want to remain responsible and it seems easier to control social distancing with the measures we have in place.  Additionally, we will be moving a large part of our promotion online. (Better for EVERYONE, anyway!) 

To make an online event possible, we will be closed tomorrow (Wednesday July 15th) to prepare.  We are grateful for your blessed understanding while we continue to offer a safe shopping experience to everyone.

AND we can't wait to unveil some FUN promotional pieces this weekend in store and online!  Watch your inbox on Thursday for more info!


Spoiler: Lily's cropped sweatshirt will be included in this weekend's promotions. 😉