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Introducing... Stevie Jane Designs, a Modish exclusive.

I've been obsessed with 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcases and scrunchies for years.  I have gifted them to my co-workers for holidays, my nieces, friends... More than it being a simple luxury, silk reduces friction while you sleep.  It helps your hair from breakage. Unlike satin (polyester), real silk is a natural fiber and can benefit people with sensitive skin and skin allergies.
While I was at home on leave last spring, I started to think about our holiday collection. Since I love and have most often gifted silk, I decided to create my own brand.
Introducing: Stevie Jane. 
Stevie is the cool nickname for Stephanie I was never afforded.  Jane is my mom's name. Hence the brandname, Stevie Jane.
I worked directly with a factory to manufacture our pillowcases and scrunchies.  Because I was able to cut out the wholesale "middle man" these luxury items are available at much lower costs than the well known brands on the market--even without a bulk buying discount.
Our silk is grade A (the highest quality long strand silk) and is Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This is a voluntary, global certification which guarantees these items are manufactured completely free of 100 harsh chemicals found in many synthetic fabrics, zippers, buttons, snaps, etc. Even our pillowcase zipper enclosures have been certified.  
So, put your hair into a silk scrunchie, wash your face and rest assured on your lustrous new pillowcase. We took care of everything for you. I can't wait for you to experience this simple life pleasure.  And if you love it, it makes a great gift.  I'm pretty sure your hard to buy for grandma doesn't have this. 
Stevie Jane will be available mid September in store or online.
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