• Closet Organization

    This is the time of year when as a retail worker, I especially need my energy to make life run smoothly and give my best to you and my team, thus organization.  In the past, I have organized my closet by category (skirts, trousers, dresses, tanks, and then in ROYGBIV order.  ( I was ROYGBIV-ing it long before The Home Edit was cool.  While on The Home Edit topic, did anyone else have serious closet awe seeing the episode with Rachel Zoe's closet?! *Dream*) While satisfying and easy to maintain, it wasn't exactly inspiring me in the mornings.  And this is where you're going to learn a little more about me and my thought process...
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  • Sisters Night Out

    We have partnered with one of our favorite brands, Sisters, to bring AMAZING deals to you for a limited time. Think: tops and sweaters regularly valued $80-$120 for ONLY $25! Dresses and jackets for ONLY $35! 🙌🏼 View Post