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  • Closet Organization

    This is the time of year when as a retail worker, I especially need my energy to make life run smoothly and give my best to you and my team, thus organization.  In the past, I have organized my closet by category (skirts, trousers, dresses, tanks, and then in ROYGBIV order.  ( I was ROYGBIV-ing it long before The Home Edit was cool.  While on The Home Edit topic, did anyone else have serious closet awe seeing the episode with Rachel Zoe's closet?! *Dream*) While satisfying and easy to maintain, it wasn't exactly inspiring me in the mornings.  And this is where you're going to learn a little more about me and my thought process...
  • Welcome to the Modish Blog!Hello Trendsetters! We’re excited to...

    Welcome to the Modish Blog!

    Hello Trendsetters!

    We’re excited to welcome you to our blog! Starting today, we’re going to be adding a blog to our Modish website. Each post will feature something special from staff spotlights to helpful style tips to behind the scenes info.

    We’ll be posting on Mondays and Thursdays, so please check back frequently!

    Our blog is written by Kirstin. Kirstin is an opera singer and writer who loves fashion and is proud to get most of her wardrobe directly from our store. She is looking forward to sharing fun fashion tips and style ideas with all of you!

    Are you new to our community?

    Welcome! We’re proud to be a locally owned boutique providing trendy styles to ladies (and men!) of all shapes of sizes! Our staff is committed to providing customized service for your specific needs. We’re here to help you feel great and confident in everything you do!

    Our new blog is the latest branch in our mission!

    See you on Thursday for a fun feature on graduation styles!