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Sisters Night Out

You're invited to our virtual "Sisters Night Out" event!


We know. Our previously taken photo isn’t the current portrait of “social distancing.” BUT, we want you to know we represent a community of sisterhood. We also realize that cabin fever is going to set in while we are nestled home keeping our community safe and health care system serviceable. 👯‍♀️

We have partnered with one of our favorite brands, Sisters, to bring AMAZING deals to you for a limited time. Think: tops and sweaters regularly valued $80-$120 for ONLY $25! Dresses and jackets for ONLY $35! 🙌🏼

Please note that we have made the decision to bring this event to you in a (less than mediocre) 3 part video series so that you can see these designs on various ages, sizes and body types! (We pinky swear we’ll get better with videos.) The first will launch today (Friday April 10) at 1:00pm. 😬

All items will be available on our website (with the worst photos we’ve ever taken or used.) But hey, you can see ALL of these items on people in video format! Just search/match the item number with the item online; it makes for easy ordering! AND WE’RE OFFERING FREE SHIPPING! 🤗

We also promise that we are going to host one heck of a GRAND RE-OPENING PARTY when it’s safe. In the meantime, you’ll get a good laugh out of these videos and find yourself a steal (or two). If you're really nice, we might even release a bloopers reel... 🙊 🎥