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5 Tips to Start a Capsule Wardrobe

Plus size women in front of hot pink and green theme capsule wardrobe.

No More Closet Stress

Do you stare at your clothes and think you have nothing to wear? On the flipside, are you overwhelmed with excess?  We can help. 
We're big into capsule wardrobes around here. It started for me when I got tired of waiting at a luggage claim for my checked bag and decided I could cut that wasted time from my trip by simply being smarter about what I packed.  For 13+ years, I have traveled with a carry-on only and, embarrassingly, half of it is toiletries. 😳
(I think packing might be another whole topic to cover!) 
Anyway, after a few years of making random career appropriate purchases (that diverged from my 12 year stint as an in home child care provider) I rediscovered how great it feels to dress with options that all worked together from that simple carry on.
It might surprise you when I tell you I have lived the capsule lifestyle since 2018.  That doesn't mean my closet is uncompromising, I add and delete seasonally. But with a capsule in mind, the items play well together and my most "me" items (like my moto jacket) always remain.
I recently had a good laugh with a client talking about closet cleaning and she said, "I've seen your closet organization blog and what's in YOUR closet--and it's NOT for me." And I knew EXACTLY what she meant! I'm a solids and neutrals person and she is not!  😅
At Modish, we believe no two closets should look the same-because we have different lifestyles, personalities, body shapes and color wheels!  
If you need help finding your style voice and curating your look, we'd love to assist creating the capsule of your dreams. We can find items your capsule needs to round it out and help replace those items that were very well loved while you responsibly release the items that no longer serve you. ✨



5 Tips to Start a Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Pull your 10 favorite items out of your closet. Is there a common thread between them?  A particular color theme? Recurring cut/style?
  2. From your current closet, add items that layer or pair well with your favorites. Can you make at least 10 outfits mixing these pieces?
  3. Now, add the shoes you own that work with the above items.
  4. Think about what's coming up in your next 90 days. (ie., Do you need work items, casual pieces for a camping trip, a wedding, etc.) Add a few specialty items if necessary. Can they work with the shoes you already chose? 
  5. Pack up the rest or designate a "test capsule area" in your dresser/closet. 


Capsule Pro Tip: When shopping, bring your favorite item(s) along for styling. It helps us find the perfect piece for your capsule. We LOVE giving styling tips!