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Twofer Tuesday!

"There's no place like home."

Ahhh... I feel like I can finally take a deep breath.  What's that saying? "Work hard, play hard?"  My motto used to be "Work hard, play harder." Anymore, I just really relish being in the quiet space of home.  I'm lucky enough to feel like work and home are seamless in my life, both comforting sanctuaries. In fact, I started working from home one day a week last month and my productivity was measurable. I get more done in one day at home than nearly 3 days in the store.  That's going to continue! :)

The better part of the last three weeks have been spent on the road, buying, and let me tell you, I missed my own bed and coffee. (Frankly, I look and feel exhausted.)  Budgeting is nearing completion and after some January Konmari, I have space in my life. 

I purge my closet thoroughly and frequently.  I tend to grab a few favorites each season and really wear them. What I find almost every time I clean my closet is that the items that have take the most abuse are those super comfortable, yet polished looking, in-between-seasons pieces of my wardrobe.  It's probably because I tend to layer those "in-between" pieces most of the year, especially during summer when air conditioning gets the best of me.

And because I needed something, I thought you might too.


Introducing our Karla Jacket!  This open cardigan is made of soft fleece and features functional front pockets.  It's available in two sizes, S/M or M/L, and fits generously.  If you generally wear our extended sizes, do not be afraid of the M/L. It's also available in two colors, black or blue.

We're bundling our Karla jacket with jewelry this time!  When you buy the Karla Jacket, you'll get our Karla necklace and stud earrings free!  The necklace adjusts from 16-18 inches in length and features a 1 1/4 inch hematite studded pendant.

So, is that three items? Jacket, necklace, earrings? Or four? Because earrings come in sets?

At any rate, it's a $53.00 value and yours for only

Paulette is wearing our Karla Jacket and Jewelry Set with a Trendsetter favorite, our Kate Tee.  Both the jacket and tee are made in the USA.