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Tips for looking (and feeling your best) for Graduation Day


           It’s here! The day you’ve been looking forward to for four, eight or even, twelve years. It’s graduation day! You’ve done the work, turned in all of the papers, and now all that stands between you and that diploma is a single ceremony. You’ve thought about everything, right?

            Have you thought about what you’re going to wear?

            While it may seem trivial, planning a graduation outfit is important. Below are some things to consider when planning.

 1.     The ceremony is just one part of the day: Think about it. You’ll be wear the robe and hat for a few hours, but most of the day will likely be spent celebrating or traveling between graduation parties. Plan for an outfit that is versatile and comfortable. Our lightweight Summer dress can do just that. The mesh lace dress is breathable enough for a ceremony AND will look great in photos all day long afterward!

 2.     Wear comfortable shoes! : Plan ahead with footwear. Take time to wear the shoes days before the event, especially if you are planning to wear a pair of heels. Since our feet naturally swell throughout the day, it’s important to factor in comfortable shoes when planning your outfit!  Also, if your graduation ceremony is outside, a pair of wedges or open-toed dressy sandals can make a great statement! A thicker heel in general will give you more stability, especially when standing in line for long periods of time. Our chunky heeled Pernila sandal is perfect for ceremonies! With a cylindrical block heel, it’s very stable to walk on (even if the grassy field you are walking on is not!) The nude Lucky Kenadee wedge is perfect to take your from one party to the next! It has an ultra cushioned wedge sole, which is incredibly stable to walk on! In addition, this style is 100% suede meaning that, even if your foot swells a little, you will still be comfortable. (Psst- Our Trendsetters love this shoe- it’s our best seller this season so far!) Our Pernila sandal also boasts a 100% suede body- another great sandal choice!  The nude Refresh Twinkle heel is another great option for your celebration day! It has thick cushioned padding at the ball AND it’s sleek style makes it a perfect style to transition from graduation to a career shoe!  (BOUNUS: Consider keeping a second pair of shoes in your car to change into for later in the day!)


3.     Less is more when comes to hair on graduation day: You want your hair to look great, right? Letting your hair rest on your shoulders is better than trying for a fancy updo. You will be wearing a mortarboard hat for a couple of hours- keep it simple! 

4.     Think about shape: A fun, full skirt will look great in pictures AFTER graduation but will create extra bulk with the robe over. An A-line or more fitted dress can transition beautifully from a robe to an afternoon graduation party. The lilac lace Elsie dress is PERFECT to wear under robes with it’s more fitted shape and spaghetti strap top!

 5.     Wear what you love: This goes without saying but make sure to pick something that YOU love and want to wear. If it’s an outfit that’s too tight or showcases parts of your body that you don’t love, you won’t have as much fun. Every body type is a little different, so embrace yours and flaunt it when it comes to picking an outfit for graduation day! Some are our favorite figure flattering dresses include the lacy Meredith dress and the pretty, short-sleeve Lacy dress.

Happy Graduation to all of our graduates- high school, college,  and beyond! May you live the life of your dreams, wherever your journey may lead you!


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