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Striped Sundresses and Steel Drum Dreams

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Katie gets to go on a cruise. (It's no wonder she looks chill.)  Chloe is terrified to be working without her.  And thanks to a respiratory thing, Stephanie couldn't get in to color her grey roots.  Real life.  

In our imaginary life, the three of us just landed somewhere tropical. Waves are crashing, you can hear steel drums in the distance.  Paulette, Annette, Greta and Jane are already waiting for us on a white sand beach while sitting under a thatched roof, sea side restaurant. The table is full of fresh squeezed juices, homemade tortilla chips and fresh guacamole.  

In real life, we're standing ala photo booth style in front of a blue wall that's supposed to represent the sky with fake palm trees and old thatching from my 23 year old son's tween bedroom decor.  And we're wearing matching dresses and identical shoes. 

About the dress....we've all styled this breezy, knit tank dressdifferently.  
Our Rhonda dress is reg. $35.00,
yours this week for only
If you're traveling, try this pro tip: Katie tied her dress in a front knot to mimic a shirt! She styled it withwhite crop jeans, a distressed denim jacketand tied a feminine bandanaat her neck.
Chloe let her dress hang loose and comfortable, paired it with a simple anorak jacket, layered necklace, tie scrunchie at her wrist and the triplet fave: Joal Booties.
Light glare on eyewear is either real or I'm going cross eyed. (Rest assured, my appointment is scheduled.)  I'm including this photo because I don't believe in airbrushing or photoshopping our photos, ever.  You're getting the real deal when you see us and our clothes.  Because we are real.  And so are you.

At 5'4" the pockets seemed to hit my hips where they are the fullest. (Read: KINDA UNFLATTERING)  Combating that was a super easy fix.  I added abelt which brought the length up just a couple of centimeters and voila: now super flattering to my height and shape!  I added a fresh,white jacket, tied a scarf to hide my roots and I slapped a fake tan onto my formerly blinding legs.  It's the closest we'll get to photoshop. You're welcome. 

Reminder: this dandy of a dress has pockets!  
*insert applause here*