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Our Alana dress might be the only thing you need

Women of all ages (tween to retirees) adore this dress-and for good reason! First of all, it FITS. Second, it’s COMFORTABLE. And third, it’s VERSATILE!

Knits can be a girl’s BFF or a girl’s worst enemy. The Mimi dress drapes perfectly and beautifully with it’s A-line cut and swing. (No extra love clinging your handles, if you know what I mean.) A tailored fit through the shoulders gives this swing dress shape. Alana also features a soft, flattering (not too low) V-neck to elongate your neck and face.

Made of premium bamboo (96%) and 4% spandex, this dress offers MAJOR comfort! Bamboo is SOFT and it remains that way after repeated washings. It also breathes well and helps regulate body temperature-it keeps you cool in hot weather and offers warmth in cold weather!  We should also mention, Alana has pockets.

The Alana is versatile! It’s perfect to run errands in with sneakers or sandals. You can give her shape with a belt. She is terrific layered under sweaters, jackets and kimonos. Leggings also look great under Alana. And it’s really easy to elevate this simple dress with heels and jewelry or neckerchiefs. She transcends ages and social needs.

So, there’s only one question. How many colors should you have in your closet? (Hint: we currently have 10 colors available-but they sell fast!)

Bamboo is a sustainable fabric; and Alana is made in the USA. 🇺🇸