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Mid-rise, High-rise, or Low-rise: Which one is best your needs?

           You see the words every time you explore a pants or shorts. “High-rise,” “Low-rise” or “Mid-rise.” What do they mean? How are they decided? Most of all, which one is best for you and your body? If you have a lot of questions, don’t fret! We’re here to shed some light onto this!

           Before we delve in, you might be wondering how rise is determined. Rise is the distance of the middle of the crotch seam (that’s between your legs) to the top of the waistband. It varies in inches but the average rise measurement is between 7 and 12. The right rise can help to emphasize your curves and create a beautiful silhouette!

Mid- Rise (or “Regular Rise.”)

           This has also been referred to as a “normal rise.” This style will sit roughly one inch below your navel. Our Angel Cuffed Denim Capri is one type of a mid-rise pant. The rise measurement tends to be 8-12 inches. For many women, this is considered the most comfortable rise.


           -A mid-rise is great for a hourglass/fuller figure. It will help to emphasize your curves in a flattering way. It can also hide any areas of your midsection that you don’t love!

           - As a whole, this style tends to be flattering on the most body types, from the very slim to the full-figured gal!

Low Rise:

           Different from the Mid-Rise pant, a low-rise will fall low on your hips.  While they are considered to be a “trendy” style these days, low rise made their debut back in the 1960s and 1970s.  They typically measure between 5 and 7 inches. A “super low rise” would have a measurement of less than 5 inches. Our Mina Extended Shorts feature a fun low-rise look.


           -Do you have an athletic or boyish figure? A low-rise style might be perfect for you as it can create a more feminine silhouette.

           -When buying low-rise jeans, avoid a light wash if possible. The light shades can take away from the overall look. A dark wash creates a trendy, fun style.

High Rise:

           This type of rise will either sit right at the navel or just above it. Our Lazy Afternoon jeans create a beautiful high-rise silhouette.  Like the low-rise counterpart, the high-rise pant has become a stable in celebrity wardrobes for individuals such as Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez.


           -High Rise is perfect for the woman who an easy, versatile style. Tuck in a blouse or pair with a crop top and you’ve got a great, effortless look.    

-A high-rise pant can also hide an area of your midsection you are not as confident with while still looking sleek!

When it comes to trying a new style, take time to try them on if you are able.  You may be surprised how much you like the look! Don’t be afraid- try something new!