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Meet the Staff: Stephanie Henning


           It’s been said that a ship is only as strong as its captain. If that is the case, we’re pretty lucky here at Modish. We’re going to be showcasing the awesome team that makes up our Modish family every two weeks over the summer through staff profiles. It seems fitting to start with the one who started it all- Stephanie Henning!

 A Stroke of Luck: Believe it or not, Modish was founded when an eight-week-old women’s boutique abruptly closed. Henning was working on plans to launch a young men’s clothing store at the time; however, this news caused her to re-think and seize an opportunity. “When I heard about it, I thought somebody is going to take advantage of this opportunity,” explained Stephanie. “It might as well be me!” Shortly after, Modish was born!

 Best Memory at Modish: When asked to pick ONE memory, Stephanie had a hard time narrowing it down to one. “There are so many!” she said. “I’ve enjoyed our day to day staff giggles and buying trips with staff members.” When narrowing it down, Stephanie had to say that most memorable day at Modish (thus far) was likely the day that the store opened their doors at their current location (217 W. Water St) on November 6, 2015.  “There are still days that it’s surreal to me that we are the caretakers of this location!” added Henning.

 Seasonal Favorites: As one can imagine, owning a boutique can be a lot of fun, especially when it comes to selecting the season’s fashions and accessories. Stephanie admits that she is big fan of sundresses and looks forward to the ease of wearing them regularly! But, some of her current favorites involve this season’s shoe collection at the store.  A few favorites include the Lucky Marceline wedge sandal and the Chelsea Crew Advance flat.  One of her seasonal favorite tops is the bamboo fabric Kate tee, which she has picked up in several colors.

 Life Outside of Modish: Frequent shoppers often get to see Stephanie running about the boutique helping customers find the perfect outfit or making sure everything is running smoothly. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family (they’re comedic, she adds.)  In addition, she enjoys listening to music, traveling, reading, and cooking. “I need a hobby that isn’t sedentary or doesn’t involve caloric consumption!” she added.

A True Community Woman: Being a small business owner in Decorah is something special. “I love that our community rallies together to help one another-we support each other in times of need and celebration. This area and the people that call it home create a crazy, mismatched quilt that is perfectly stitched together!”

Advice to other entrepreneurs out there: “Owning a business is a little like parenting, It’s demanding, but it’s also rewarding. The piece of advice I would give something else is to be wise enough to keep learning.”

 What is she looking forward to?: “I’m looking forward to our Trendsetters meeting the rest of the staff!” She added, “Everyone has great energy and is genuinely happy to style our clients!” Stay tuned for more staff bios!

 Come visit Stephanie and her whole team at Modish!