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5 Fall Fashion Quick Fixes and Tips

We’re just over a month away from the arrival of Fall. This means sweaters, skinny jeans, and boots. When unpacking these items, you might notice that some items need a little extra love to get ready for the new season. Here are a couple of tips to get your wardrobe ready!

Sweater Piling?

Don’t throw out a favorite sweater from last year because it’s piling.

Instead, grab a pumice stone.You may already have one in your possession that you use for skin softening. Rubbing it on a sweater can help remove the piling.

Which size is best for you?

Looking to add some new jeans to your wardrobe this Fall season? It’s not uncommon to be between sizes in pants. When in doubt, take the smaller size. Jeans naturally have some stretch to them and will generally give with some wear. Note: ankle skimming jeans are still all the rage for fall because they look terrific with ankle boots.

Ankle Boots, you say?

Aside from looking chic, ankle boots are a closet workhorse.  Available in different heel heights and a plethora of neutrals, this type of footwear styles seamlessly between casual looks and dresses.  Be sure to wear them with an ankle length jean or make sure they are cuffed to show just a little skin.

Blazers are the new cardigan!

If you are going to spend some money this Fall, consider investing in a well-fitting blazer. A tailored jacket can add style to the most casual of weekend outfits and keep you feeling chic in the dreariest of months.

Casual on Top, Trendy on bottom.

Do you have a pair of ornate pants or a skirt that you can never find the perfect top to work with? Try pairing with a basic crew or button down top.  A casual top lets the focus be on the ornate item.

BONUS TIP: Want to organize your closet for the upcoming season? Try going from light colors to dark when organizing clothes. This technique will make it easier to get track of current items and ultimately save you money!

We’re excited for the Fall season, and stay tuned over the next several weeks! There are some amazing styles coming into our boutique, so stay tuned!