• Twofer Tuesday!

    Grab our fleece Karla Jacket and Jewelry Set for only $24.99!
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  • We’re just over a month away from the arrival of Fall. This means sweaters, skinny jeans, and tall boots. When unpacking these items, you might notice that some items need a little extra love to get ready for the new season. Here are a couple of tips to get your wardrobe ready!

    Sweater Piling?

    Don’t throw out a favorite sweater from last year because it’s piling.

    Instead, grab a pumice stone.You may...

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  • Kick Start Fall! (All about shoes!)

    What's the first sign of fall in the Midwest?  Closed toe shoes.  Incidentally, not a single one of us has been willing to be a foot model for our open toed booties with our pedicures looking so gnarly this time of the year.  Bible. So, if you've been neglecting your toes a little too, we have ju... View Post